Evolution of Freedom of Speech

Evolution of Freedom of Speech
the key to peace is free speech

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have the sad displeasure to know a very good person who believes,

with all his heart, that government is evil and should be done away with, that we should have no

 social security, no health care programs, only have government for military defense. He believes 

people should pay to go to high school, let alone college. He was raised in that great American

 West where, if you are weak in any way, too bad, you lose. He also believes that it's ok to 

torture somebody to death to get vital information when we are at war. I attempted, without 

success, to explain to him that governments are supposed to be OF the people, BY the people 

and FOR the people and that, just as we cannot, alone, build a car, we need each other not just

 for security, but to advance our civilization and to create a world where learning, freedom of 

choice, and opportunities to use one's talents are valued. I asked him to explain why, since i 

have worked so hard all my life, and am supposed to be intelligent, gifted in many areas,

 happen to be poverty-stricken and disabled (because i was harmed after speaking out, lost my

 teaching career)--and at my present age now, nobody will hire me, nor am I allowed to become

 a doctor, despite my knowledge. He sees this as a consequence of my having spoken out, and 

respects me for it, but believes it is still okay for me to starve to death for having made such a

 poor tactical decision, knowing the consequences. 

Now, we can either progress and become

 more human and humane,with a government FOR the people, or we can continue our

 downward spiral into feudalism where robber barons take over everything and reduce 

us to people who do not 'deserve' a government FOR the people. It is not getting a HANDOUT

 to have paid into a retirement plan (social security) which was supposed to protect us in old

 age. It is not getting a HANDOUT to get a free high school education, and in Sweden and other

Scandinavian countries, small as they are, college is FREE to their students, and their universities

 are excellent. Now, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was born with a silver spoon in his
 mouth and a disdain that comes from being taught, all his life, that "people get what they 


Let us pray that humanity will advance, not decline again into the Dark Ages where the elite

 ruled with iron fists, and where the poor paid rent to their lords and masters just to survive,

 with beggars on every corner, with life ignorant, brutish, and short. 

Shall we return to the times of Jane Austin, with

 the mansions, dances, marriage plots to get a man with his 'thousands'? They lived off the labor

 and toil of their tenants. That's the future for all who live in apartments, do not own a home, 

and who find themselves moving from job to job across the country,burdened with debt

, ignorant, exhausted as parents, not knowing their next-door neighbors, thus cut off from 

rebellion--happy to watch a football game,to drink and drug themselves into oblivion or to stop

 the pain--- and thus forget their servitude...it's coming to your channel soon.....

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