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Evolution of Freedom of Speech
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Judyth Vary Baker is providing this copy of a blog from another writer --"Jack Rabbit" because the entire post and the comments after it are enlightening -- and worth a good re-reading. A few comments precede "Jack Rabbit's" blog entry.

Why I Fear for my Country
For the first time I'm scared. I mean really scared. For the first time in my lifetime it looks like America may actually be coming to an end.

As I traveled over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I payed special attention to the public. At gas stations and shopping centers - I took the time to observe. We are doomed. These people have nothing, know nothing, and are not interested. Talk about rabble.


As I spoke to members of my family at holiday celebrations - about topics foreign to me - like what's going on with their favorite TV show... my heart sank. No hope.

As I browsed the web to see the most recent joke of a terrorist attack - just enough not to cause property damage but just enough to scare the cringing American soccer-moms - I just stared. The conversation in the background continued - I didn't participate.

America is presently doomed. I've not even had the energy to do much blogging - since the words seem to fall on a mass of sheep intent on filling their stomachs. These are not citizens - they are consumers - oblivious to the death and destruction spread in their names.


The American citizen has become a penniless tool of credit card companies - unable to perform their duty as citizen since they cannot collect enough brain energy to grasp the mind-fuck under which they live. They live for a few moments between jobs - or rides to their children's activities, while monsters blow their still-uncollected tax money on expensive robot-drones used to kill "terrorists" - whatever they are. Ask an American what a terrorist is - you might as well ask a cinderblock.

We need a plan, leadership, and decisive action to save America. Our leaders have failed us. Many are being blackmailed. Unless those of us with the answers are taken seriously in public and supported this country is gone.

But maybe I'm wrong - that there really are Americans out there. That there are people who understand that anyone pretending that they have the power to take away their rights is a traitor and an enemy.

In the coming year it will be of the utmost importance to educate, invigorate and galvanize all. The American public is up against an organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything. But what does it matter?

Our Bill of Rights is the only thing we have right now. There is absolutely no respect given to the Constitution of the United States - Why? Why when we have a so-called constitutional scholar in the White House? Perhaps the best way to undermine the Constitution is with someone who understands it best. And I've concluded from my holiday observations that no one is looking out for the American citizen regarding the Constitution of the United States. Especially not the American citizen. No - they cling to their belief that "somebody cares" - or maybe they are so ignorant of the theft of the only thing they have that matters - unique in time - and unique in world history - their Bill of Rights and Constitution - ...

I am concerned that the media is useless providing zero feedback to the population so elections can work. I am concerned that our elections are stolen - by companies who can give a paper receipt for a bank transaction at an ATM but not at the election booth. I am concerned that we have mercenary armies raping and pillaging half the planet with our money but not representing our ideals. I am concerned that our elected representatives, blackmailed, are using mercenaries to continue wars that have no support here in the United States. I am concerned that false-flag operations are constantly used, with the support of a phony news media - to stampede the American public into actions contrary to their freedoms. That's treason by the way.

For the first time in my life I've heard stable even-tempered adults discussing violent revolution. How crazy is that? Is that what it is going to take?

Where is the FBI on 911 Truth? AWOL. Our insane alphabet-soup agencies, CIA, NSA and the rest of them are simply a bunch of robotic brainwashed idiots - running around the world sticking their noses in everyone else's business - then when their nation-building antics backfire - we, the American public, are supposed to sit here and accept the police state required to maintain this madness. How about no?

How about no more prisons? How about no more cops running around with automatic rifles in this "land of the free and home of the brave?" How about some real change we can believe in?

Obama is a fraud, a liar, and as far as I am concerned a traitor. He is a one-world government con-artist with no respect for what America really stands for. He is a front-man for a group of con-artists - troops to Yemen, Columbia, Pakistan - continue the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, saber-rattling toward Iran. Is this clown for real? Why doesn't he declare war on the North Pole? Or is that a coming attraction?

Here in Charlottesville, Virginia we've recently been buried under a blanket of snow too high to drive through with most Jeeps. The entire town crippled - couldn't plow our own roads. What if Al Quaida attacked then? People were stuck in their cars overnight - no emergency crews could reach them. Yeah - we are really a superpower. Meanwhile our military is deployed the world over to save everything.

2010 must be the year of the plan. We need leadership, ideas and action. We need to shit-can our members of the House of Representatives - the first place to look - who don't know what a Bill of Rights is. We need to kick out anybody trampling on that Bill of Rights. Then we need to start working out from there.

Our dysfunctional House of Representatives is the starting line - the first place to focus all actions. And we need them to tackle the big issues - like 911 Truth and these phony wars. Anybody using the term "War on Terror" needs to be fired - period.

I guess I've ranted enough - I just hope some of this sank in. We are in big, big trouble here in America - and if we don't get organized and unite as Americans - we'll be saluting a new flag very very soon.
UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 Read more Obama—Israel’s Puppet
UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 Read more here:
UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 IN Response to commenters on Al Quaida - I use the term in the sense of the "scared terrorized American's" viewpoint - I was trying to say that the best time for an attack is while the victim is under a blanket of impassable snow with un-usable roads - good time for a terrorist attack since response would be impossible. I thought this might make my fellow citizens realize that instead of being more prepared to face the boogieman we are completely vulnerable in the most basic ways. My apologies for lack of clarity - my writing style - well... I'm working on it. JR
UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 Read more THE FBI IS AWOL on 911 Forensics:
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by Jack Rabbit at Saturday, December 26, 2009
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Anonymous said...
"Here in Charlottesville, Virginia we've recently been buried under a blanket of snow too high to drive through with most Jeeps. The entire town crippled - couldn't plow our own roads. What if Al Quaida attacked then? "

You are an imbecile. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

December 27, 2009 12:42 AM
Jack Rabbit said...
Anon above says: "You are an imbecile. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself."

JR says:

I'm not getting your point. Please make a point.

December 27, 2009 12:46 AM
Anonymous said...
Amen! Truer words have never been posted!

December 27, 2009 12:53 AM
Anonymous said...
Isn't it unreal at the total lack of awareness most consumers have.... you begin to try to tell them and the blank stare resumes upon their faces.

The look of the sheeple.


December 27, 2009 12:58 AM
Anonymous said...
The guy calling you an imbecile is probably one of the sheep with 1/2 a functioning brain. He probably thinks your honest analysis of the state of the USA is somehow anti-American because the indoctrination program runs 24/7. My stomach churns when some ex-jock football announcer says, "And we thank our troops in 177 nations for protecting freedom." To explain the irony of that statement would render a response akin to, "If ya hate America, then leave it!" I don't hate America but I left it over a quarter-century ago. I hate what America has become because of the examples you gave and the first response you received. I can only hope that some peaceful (r)evolution takes hold back home and a real multi-party democratic republic replaces the Oligarchical farce. (Anonymous II)

December 27, 2009 1:00 AM
Anonymous said...
“In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” Theodore Roethke.

December 27, 2009 1:29 AM
Tom Dennen said...
The current state of the nation:

“I, like any head of state, reserve the right to act unilaterally if necessary to defend my nation.” U.S. President Barack Obama, December 10, 2009

December 27, 2009 1:31 AM
Anonymous said...
I think the article was to the point. One might want to look at the BBC documentary that says that AL Quida was an invention.

December 27, 2009 1:59 AM
Ivan. New Zealand. said...
Karma, blowback,call it what you will.I call it justice.Any scumbag nation that tortures prisoners gets what it deserves.Rot in hell you evil cunts.

December 27, 2009 2:03 AM
Anonymous said...
Jack Rabbit is right on but of course so is
Ivan. The American sheeple deserve all the crap that is coming down on them. But don't blame me I didn't vote for any of the SOB's.

December 27, 2009 2:36 AM
heidilore said...
We're screwed. Nuff said. We have allowed the media and popular culture to dictate policy...at that point, it permeated into our educational systems, and so on. Sad to say, there is not a lot of optimism to be had.

December 27, 2009 2:50 AM
petkov said...
feel scared, confused afraid and all the other adjectives I can think of? Welcome to the REAL world bud, where the rest of us live in. Where we had to endure poverty, hunger and be treated like sheep by our governement becauase of YOUR country so people like exactly YOU can live a nice nice 1st world lifestyle while we suffered all sorts of economic hardships. Yeah, karma is a bitch. You and people like you will be providing me with countless hours of free entertainment in the upcoming decades as I watch you suffer and moan and bitch and complain and essentually do nothing but keep on talking about revolutions and electing the proper people into office. The more you moan the more I shall laugh. I am bookmarking your cralp just for that and nothing else.

P.S. You obviously STILL havent got it yet, because still you say crap like: "our military is all over the world saving everything". Don't worry, you will... eventually. Maybe. Or maybe not.

December 27, 2009 3:08 AM
douglarocca said...
Who's talking about violent revolution?

December 27, 2009 3:29 AM
European American said...
You could very well be right, Ivan.New Zealand. We will probably "burn" in Hell, rather than rot, but either way will be most disconcerting.

But I must address you in particular. Ivan.New Zealand, is there not corruption running rampant in New Zealand, also? If you check around, you'll find a stench from your various "systems" that run the multitude of shows over there. You think we are the only ones? LOL

Don't point the finger unless you a perfect, and if you are perfect you don't need to point the finger.

We all have the potential to find our selves in the "Hell" you mentioned. But I think we all have a very big task before us, to clean things up.

Hell will have to wait while we all attempt to grow up, drop the small selves, and consciously act now to heal ourselves, recover, then heal the planet like good little boys and girls.

December 27, 2009 3:44 AM
Anonymous said...
To Ivan and petkov, Please understand not all Americans are OK with the way the US Government runs the world. We do not all think we are all deserving and we do see the wrongs being done. Please do not wish ill will on we the people, for it is we the people of the world that need to band together as people, against the piggy Governments. We are not your enemy, they are. You shouldn’t hold the place a person was born against them or you become just like “them”.

December 27, 2009 3:47 AM
Ivan.New Zealand. said...
It will take many generations to wash off the filth you are continuing to cover yourselves in.Think nazi Germany,then remember that you are the only country to have used nuclear bombs against another people.Cowardise and hypocracy are the hallmarks of your politicians and your military.Also remember the "good germans" who stood by and allowed the death camps to operate.So yes,you are my enemy,and the enemy of peace.

December 27, 2009 4:19 AM
Anonymous said...




December 27, 2009 4:31 AM
Anonymous said...
In the eye's of the beholder, sadly what you say is cloer to the truth then the diatribe we see coming from any major news source.
There was a time when Americans had to spend weeks getting the word out to protest things, such as forming gatherings to protest the Vietnam war.

America can now form massive protests at the simple touch of a computer, but instead would rather play like children and have snowball fights. Those students killed at Kent State dies so America could live the lie.

December 27, 2009 5:07 AM
Anonymous said...
Take a look around in the UK, Australia, Canada, and all of the other countries that are pioneering the new way of things to come, and you will see the same thing. Roughly 55-60% of the population believe the media hype, whatever it is, and give up their rights for "safety" reasons, then go watch sports on their bigscreen or watch the new hollywood movie that shows us just how the world really works and think that it's just the way of the past and now that it has been pointed out it won't happen again. If these terrorists really wanted to stop imperialism they might pick a target like the G20 or copenhagen or something.
Of the rest of the people that are concerned, they find that if they talk about things like the government overthrows of nearly all of africa and south america in the last century, they are labeled as crazy nuts and probably get put on terror watch lists. There are plenty of people that know whats going on, at least 15-20% of the population, but for the reasons stated you won't find many that will talk about it and you won't take much notice of them because they are uninterested in the pop brainwash culture and will just take care of their own business for now. Those people you see that are quietly going about their business are the people that know whats going on besides those labeled whackos.

December 27, 2009 5:09 AM
Anonymous said...
At least we in England are moving to indite Bliar for war crimes - self admitted war crimes, the arrogant B. Other than that we are scarcely better than the USA.
I think more people may be aware but revolution is not mentioned - we have been stripped of our weapons. As for 'leaders' dream on!!!!
Disarmed, exactly what Obama plans to do in the USA.
For the first time I think it is a legitimate question to pose -'Whats in the water'?.
Something is turning human beings into mindless morons.
Well 2010 is going to see real financial collapse. There is nothing like watching your children starve to concentrate the few remaining brain cells. Even then the sheeple will just vote the other lot in, to stupid to realise it is merely two halves of a whole, instead of cleansing the political cesspit.
Britains nearly as bad.

December 27, 2009 5:27 AM
Anonymous said...
This reminds me of one of those conspiracy theorist films I saw where they actually got a shopkeeper in the UK to say herself that "we should give up our rights for safety." It's not just the Americans!

December 27, 2009 5:29 AM
Anonymous said...
"Well 2010 is going to see real financial collapse." Financial collapse has been engineered in the past on countries and even groups of countries. This time they have the entire world ready to go down.

December 27, 2009 5:33 AM
Anonymous said...
Luckily my town doesn't flouridate the water but sadly there are many other ways, such as air, that toxins are being injected into everything. Deliberate or not, just look at cancer death... the current generation has a 1 in 2 chance of dying from cancer up from something like 1 in 30 just 100 years ago.

December 27, 2009 5:39 AM
Anonymous said...
Americans may all be idiots but at least there are still several of us that can type without SHOUTING. You should really try using capital and lowercase letters... it makes for a much more interesting post.

I laugh at these assholes who think they are immune from white guilt just 'cause they ain't "americans" HaHaHa... the current world situation is as much the fault of their damn "common wealth" as it is america's problem. We're all guilty of not doing enough to stop the steamroller of "progress"

When NZ returns all the land the gringos have stolen from the original aboriginal inhabitants, then you freaks can try looking me in the eye and explaining why I'm such an asshole just 'cause my DNA happened to land me in America instead of South America. What sort of backwards-ass redneck idiot are you?

Do you really think the average folk can make a difference? Kind of like you're doing with your argument that the current world is solely america's fault? What about all the money spent by london banking interest? Speaking of London... Can you name the nationality of the largest group of foreign owners of U.S. lands? Did I hear you say Japan? How about China? No and no. It's the English, just like down there in that little pip-squeak of an island, called New Zealand... I hear tell Old Zealand was worse, that's why you don't hear much about it these days. :)

It's obvious the whole world is in the grips of a few wealthy psychopaths who have easily convinced enough idiots to support their stupid plans.

If you want to know what the real problem is watch this:


People need to come together to stop this crazy bullshit, not spend their efforts typing insults directed at a blog that is at least pointing out the problems we are facing.

Just remember what that crazy beatnik Jesus said a long time ago which still rings true today, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."


December 27, 2009 5:42 AM
Anonymous said...
"This reminds me of one of those conspiracy theorist films I saw where they actually got a shopkeeper in the UK to say herself that 'we should give up our rights for safety.'"

... I think the actual quote was, "we should give up our liberties for freedom." What a dumb bitch ;-)

December 27, 2009 5:48 AM
Anonymous said...
Dave S

What crap you write.
'When NZ returns all the land the gringos have stolen from the original aboriginal inhabitants'
What 'original aboriginal inhabitants'?
You are as off planet with your geography as you are with your ranting.
New Zealand - if it ever had any original inhabitants is now a nation of immigrants.
Some just arrived a bit earlier than others.
However New Zealand certainly is a member of the corruption club.
The PM is ex Lehman Brothers.
Australia's is Goldman Sachs.
Says it all.

December 27, 2009 5:51 AM
Anonymous said...
"I laugh at these assholes who think they are immune from white guilt just 'cause they ain't "americans""

hey buddy don't pull the race card like our beloved leader. There are plenty other races involved in this that sold out their own people too. They want to split us apart with racism don't bring it up.

December 27, 2009 6:00 AM
Anonymous said...
Dears, no nation deserve what is happening now to American people and what will soon happen to all of the world.

It is not much their fault as, same is happening in most of the countries. If you are enough smart, you already know that all the world governments are already "sold", just they are a bunch of greedy traitors, which have other, occult agenda, and that is not of their people, to be well understand.

So, the americans are not more guilty than the british, or italians, or russians or serbians or romanians, for the wrongdoings of their respective governments.

We are talking here about people and no people deserve such atrocities, neither americans, palestinians, etc.

All this world is doomed, is close to "their harvest" as they say, so if you do not understand that, in your inner core, you are with nothing different than the "sheeple", you people are talking about!

So, you should love and understand the "sheeple", because sheeple is you, or has been you, until a moment ago, when supposedly you woke up.

And by the way, your article"Why I Fear for my Country" is written from heart and saying the truth.

This comment is from a Romanian which has been and saw almost all the world!

December 27, 2009 6:07 AM
Anonymous said...
Yah africa, asia, the middle east, south america, do you consider them white too? Their "leaders" are all in on it too.

December 27, 2009 6:10 AM
Anonymous said...
I would like to say that this was a fantastic blog/rant entry. Please know that there are some out here that have not had this fall on deaf ears.
When government sanctioned rebels attack villages in 3rd world countries, what do the villagers do? They run and hide because they know they will be destroyed. They don't want to be destroyed. When government sanctioned tyrants in 1st world countries attack the survival of its citizens, what do the citizens do? They hide because they know their families will be destroyed. They don't want their families destroyed.
What do all these have in common? Fear! It is fear that is instilled into the common people by some government sanctioned entity. Anywhere in the world, they find something that the people in the area do not want to lose and attach fear to it.
I resent the statements that all of American people are complicit in the fear-mongering. We do what the government says due to fear of what will happen to our families (extortion). We do try to stand up but it is like having a gang of rebels beating you back down. It is all fear, all over the world. It is the common people that are placed in this basket. Would you sacrifice your family, your children, for your own freedom? Believe me, they WILL take your family if you stand up against them because that is the fear they have instilled.
Do you really think there are no people in the U.S. starving or have no place to live except in the street? Look again. If it is happening here, there is something terribly wrong and I see it happening in different ways all over the world. If it is happening anywhere in the world, there is something terribly wrong.

December 27, 2009 6:14 AM
Dan @ CC.C said...
America; The Bankster Takeover and You

December 27, 2009 6:17 AM
Daro said...
As usual it takes les than 2 blog comments before it collapses in acrimony. Anyway, refusing the chance to call everyone an idiot, I note that things (as usual) have to get a lot worse before they get better. The only way that the 2 party system is going to get overturned is for them to monumentally screw up even worse than they have done. We're getting near "end of days" for these guys though when you see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich joining hands and agreeing about policy.

December 27, 2009 6:24 AM
Don Robertson said...
The conundrum you are facing is the question referred to by Albert Schweitzer in -The Philosophy of Civilization- as he defined the crux of western philosophy as tipping and teetering on the semblance of a "world view".

Boiled down to layman's level, it is this, 1) Do you believe that nature, (the natural world, reality) is ultimately going to prevail over humanity, e.g, that the complexity of reality is so overwhelming -and- our inability to improve or enhance reality with any real and sustainable efficacy will ultimately prove so psychologically enfeebling, that our paramount philosophic approach to life should be to surrender to extolling the virtues of -and- admiring life-giving nature for what it is and its overwhelming power? -OR- 2) Do you believe that humanity is capable of grasping, clutching and HOLDING the brass ring of the rudder meant to steer our collective ship toward a -better- -more enlightened- and -humanly modified modern human future- (as in Star Trek)?

The truth is this, John, -We have to abandon all hope and every pretense of our human competence for a while - and surrender to the power of nature-, -until we comprehend better our own limitations as these are contrasted by the unlimited power of nature and the infinite complexity of the reality against which all our human efforts must be placed.

We are getting ahead of ourselves -again- and in a very big and dangerous way. We are not gods. We are not even competent scientists!

I will not say what we are. The reader here can pontificate about this -while peering into those muddy waters- at their own leisure.

FOR, -in the long run -in order to create that better future, all our goals today should be aiming at dismantling the many mistakes of the past which have pushed and shoved humanity ever closer and in ever greater numbers toward the precipice you (and many others) are increasingly becoming aware of, -because- our reality is observably not improving, -far from it.

Our reality has been tossed into the trash heap of history NOW even before it is written by the endless lies fed to everyone by those in the wheelhouse and at the helm who struggle to hang onto the brass ring that is NOT controlling the rudder that could be steering this great leaking and listing ship.

Progress today, will only be marked by retracing our steps as best as we can, to see where it is we all went so wrong. Back away from these shoals of despair, and the rocks in the surf before us.

We are all imbeciles -if we still think there is some hope of voting or worming our way out of this mess with a more humanitarian approach.

If the democratic experience has taught us anything, John, it must be -that voters do not have to read. Their minds are already made up. They want free beer.

Give human beings everything they want, and they will throw their empty beer bottles at the wall length mirrors and let the bathtubs run over for hours as they sleep off their drunken stupor.

As a writer, John, the first thing you will come to realize is that those who aren't so ignorant that they are incapable of reading, are also too haughty to bother.

Authors then -end up merely yelling into a gale -like madmen. And perhaps we are. We should flatter ourselves -to think so- anyway.

December 27, 2009 6:25 AM
Anonymous said...
many people are weary and confused about what or who to believe,and to survive they try to shut off the relentless barrage of negativity and bad news with the various forms of entertainment..a true spiritual awakening is needed.

December 27, 2009 6:31 AM
Anonymous said...
FLUORIDE. I had no idea how serious it is. Look into it. It was given to German POWs because it makes people LOSE THE WILL TO BE FREE.
It is in the water, the toothpaste, SSRIs and osteoporosis medications. Those are only the ones I looked into so far.
Americans are being DELIBERATELY poisoned to prevent meaningful resistance.

December 27, 2009 6:41 AM
rosie said...
Paul Craig Roberts puts it brilliantly as usual


December 27, 2009 6:41 AM
Anonymous said...
look what it took to turn a once good people, into a nation of i could care less greedy a holes!!! drugs in our food and water, drugs and a liquor store on every corner,a mainstream media staffed with nothing but satinest liars. an entertainment industry that promotes immorality and violence! football,basketball,baseball,ect. instead of family,frends and neighbor. abortion instead responsiblity.
the biggest evil perpatrated on this country, was when they destroyed the true IMPORTANCE!!! of WOMAN. by making them feel infearior, if they weren't out in the work force making the almighty dollar. the wife the mother the WOMAN,taught us as children, kindness,gentelness,what true love is.security that warm feeling of safety,respect for others.all things good! for the man the husband none of these things were taken away,more was given!!! a sense pride, strength, purpose, motivation towards good. the importance of family. they held it All together.may god,or whatever name you use when you ask for guidence,bless us all.

December 27, 2009 7:02 AM
Anonymous said...
Nice blog rant, my fellow Charlottesville resident! TJ is gonna come back with Jesus and smack all of us upside the head.

December 27, 2009 7:12 AM
Ivan. New Zealand. said...
Feel that vibration? That's your grandfathers rotating in their graves at the sound of the jackboots marching over your foul country (and many others).They died fighting fascism,then you allowed/helped/voted for your own shiny new home grown version.Fortunately the Soviets dealt to the nazis,but this time it will be suicide by banker(upcy).

December 27, 2009 7:21 AM
Anonymous said...
I see I got a few folks pissed-off... I guess that was the plan all along, or maybe I just wanted to see if anyone out there was paying attention.

Yeah, we need to lose the nationalistic patriotic bullfeces and start building sustainable communities that values everyone's contributions more equally. Recently I read an article that pointed-out janitors are more valuable than stockbrokers in terms of real good. Are we surprised?

And I do apologize if anyone was offended by my previous post... Including any members of the band, formally know as various Polynesians, and now called the Maori who started to continually inhabit NZ about 1300... which is interesting as that's when the Navaho where supposed to have migrated to the southwest from the somewhere around Alaska. But I digress, and hopefully no one has formed an army to attack me over my ignorance of NZ first people whom I referred to as aboriginals (correctly, as I was talking first people in general and not the Aboriginals of AU)

aboriginal - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
1 : being the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region < aboriginal forests>

What I find disheartening is how these discussions often deteriorate into flame wars rather than all of us recognizing that we need to stick together regardless of where we were born, or what color we happen to be. It's far too easy to divide humans into small, rather useless groups, that constantly bicker about small crap and lose sight of the big stuff.

Take the most recent holiday... which did you celebrate? Which holiday if the true holiday? Hopefully you picked none of the above, because that's the right answer. Why do humans worry so much about other people's gods when there are people near them who don't have enough food, shelter or even hope?

I can find people near me that would die to stop an abortion but wouldn't lift a finger to keep their own kid from joining the army. WTF?

If you have a computer and you're online then you and I and everyone else who is also online are part of a unique community where we can almost interact sans the usual profiling bullfeces we'd do face to face. Yeah, it gets rough and ugly, but we're more of a community, and a joined people then we'd admit.

And admit it we should, because if draconian feces hit the fan, we're probably the class of citizens that will be the first to suffer from the stench. Or from the re-education camps or whatever the bastards will call them.


December 27, 2009 7:27 AM
s said...
It's clear the site has been hacked and the article tampered with. The statements about 911 truth and Al Qaeda make no sense whatsoever and appear to have been mischievously inserted.

December 27, 2009 7:38 AM
Anonymous said...
Dave S
Still posting crap.
Theory is there were folk in NZ before the Maori.
Trouble is we can't tell you much. The Maori killed most of them together with the Moa etc.
The Maori are not an an aboriginal NZ people.
Latest thinking they originated in China many moons ago.
As New Zealand looks like becoming a province of China in the next few decades thanks to mass immigration, its a case of what goes round, comes round I guess.
Don't let your anti-white bigotry spoil everybody's day.

December 27, 2009 7:40 AM
Anonymous said...
Please understand that this tyrrany is spreading world-wide. If someone lies to you, you must be able to decipher the lie pre-emptively in order to take effective action. These controlling entities are so good at covering the lies that we usually cannot pre-emptively decipher them. This is why they keep gaining advances in their agenda. It is very difficult to rectify a situation after it has taken place. Place "foul" where foul should be. It is not America as a country that is foul. It is the controlling entities. If you have a fool-proof method to pre-emptively decipher a lie, it needs to be distributed world-wide to the common people. As stated in a previous post, let him without sin cast the first stone. If you cannot present a gainful solution, what is your point in name-calling? When they finally take New Zealand by force with this world dominion agenda, as they have others, will you be at fault because you did not stop it? Or will you sit back and wait for it to hit your country as well?

I implore you to stop the agenda if you can. If you cannot, then you are one of us.

December 27, 2009 7:45 AM
Anonymous said...
Great article, except for one point: Al Quaida does not exist. It's pure invention.

December 27, 2009 7:56 AM
Anonymous said...

what anti-white bigotry? who spewing what now?

Good Grief!


December 27, 2009 8:01 AM
Peter James said...
You are very right to be afraid about America's future
God will use very soon the Northen Army to punish USA, UK Israel and the English Speaking Word

December 27, 2009 8:04 AM
Anonymous said...
Invention, by definition, makes it so that something does exist. Al Quaida, however, is not a group of terrorists as portrayed. They created Al Quaida to be one of the fear factors. It is a psychological product of the fear mill. It is a childish game on an adult level. Children can be cruel and a childish game played by corrupt adults is evil.

December 27, 2009 8:09 AM
Anonymous said...
Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel in this country. This isn't an issue of Republican or Democrat. It isn't an issue of Independent or Libertarian. This is an issue of think tanks like the CFR producing the puppets who supposedly represent us in Washington and the lobbyists who control the puppets via backhanders and the promise of lucrative jobs in lobbying firms when the 'representative' finishes in Washington. We the People have no representation. Those of us who are outspoken are outnumbered by those who are apathetic and lazy. When I have enquired as to why they are so unmotivated to stand up against the Government, I am told that this is because they have tried and were unsuccessful. People have thrown in the towel. Instead they choose to live in their shells....to entertain themselves with the boob tube and to pretend that we still have a Constitution that anyone in Washington respects. If we want things to be right...we need to outlaw lobbying, we need to have citizen funded campaigns and we need to make it a crime for any representative to later work at companies or organizations that in any way can influence representatives in Washington. How do we do this? Maybe a revolution to remove the criminals? It may be too late - they may already have government forces and military contractors like Blackwater in place to prevent any uprising.

December 27, 2009 9:02 AM
Jason - Glasgow, Scotland. said...
Ivan do you seriously think that the Government of New Zealand is somehow completely disconected to what is happening in the World today? The likes of Obama and indeed virtually all Government heads, are mere puppets! That aside, can you please inform us as to why the American People are to blame for the decisions made by a Military Industrial Complex Dictatorship? Please take into account the fact that the American People have been exposed/subjected to Water Flouridation and such neurotoxic chemicals as Aspartame and MSG in their foodchain for a couple of decades longer than the rest of us - this clearly has had the profound effect that 'they' desire, in that there has been a serious dumbing down of society, to the point where most people in America are literaly unable to comprehend the bigger picture.

Thanks for the great blog Jack Rabbit.

Peace all.

December 27, 2009 9:07 AM
Anonymous said...
I agree 100% with the author. Most of my friends/relatives, that is 90% of them, are dumbed down idiotic TV addicted sheeple. They have lost the ability to think for themselves or think logically. They seem to only care about themselves, and their possessions. They have no idea of what is about to happen, or what is happening to our country and to them/us. They do not care, they care about who is on American Idle or if the Cowboys will win their next game.

I have to say one thing, the owners of this country did one hell of a job on brainwashing them. I thank God everyday I stopped watching the TV or reading the newspapers. It's absolutely sickening to hear what the news media is telling the sheeple, that is the every once in a while I get a bit of it when visiting my sheeple friends/relatives.

I calculate at the maximum, there is about 25% of the general population who are either awake, or living in reality, or somewhat awake. Many students are NOT brainwashed, as they do not sit in front of their TV's during their spare time. Otherwise, maybe 10% of my age group, 50ish, might be living in reality.

It will take ALL of us to lead the way. The first step is to get people off their brainwashing machines, some how get them interested in something else, other than American Idle or Dancing with the Stars. Maybe reading a book about the real history of our country, or, maybe reading the Constitution.

I believe only 3% of population were originally patriots , and they beat a sophisticated British Army. We can do it. Lets start by educating and finding the ones, the sheeple who are willing to listen and change their lives, to help save our country!

God Bless the USA and the Patriots!

December 27, 2009 9:12 AM
Anonymous said...
You are making the same mistake as many others. Us against them, the "organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything".

No, they don't exist as "organized force" that "we" could locate and destroy. The current situation is only natural development of the conflict of interest between the corporate and population. Corporate values are not human, but they are members of the society equal to humans - so of course they then go about their interest by all means, including media and government.

So it's not "our" media. It's theirs, because they pay for it. For example, this very website you are using to blog your thoughts is financed by them. And you are able to blog only because on the left of the page there are ads from the same credit card companies that make us "penniless tools". Or from their equivalents. Go to whatreallyhappened.com we all love, and try to find an ad that would not be total deception.

It's really simple: they pay for everything, so of course they make it their way. If their way is war against terror, then so it will be. And it's even fair, isn't it - if you pay, you do expect something in return. And you can't fight, really, because "they" are in fact "us" from 8 to 5.

These are not citizens - they are consumers - oblivious to the death and destruction spread in their names.

The American citizen has become a penniless tool of credit card companies - unable to perform their duty as citizen since they cannot collect enough brain energy to grasp the mind-fuck under which they live.

organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything.

December 27, 2009 9:13 AM
Anonymous said...
The CONstitution is not, and never has been, legally binding on anybody. This means that the criminal syndicate in DC has no legitimacy or legal authority, and everybody should start treating them as the treasonous criminals that they are.

If there is any hope left, the sheeple are going to have to decide that they don't need, or have to obey, a well-dressed criminal mob that is trying to enslave them with their own money. Every state legislature needs to declare its independence from DC, and confiscate every military base inside its borders, just for starters. Then each state needs to start its own bank, issue its own money, and cut the feds out of the loop. Let's see if these gutless crapweasels have the cojones to come after at least 90 million gun owners, many of whom are ex-military and armed to the teeth.

December 27, 2009 9:16 AM
Anonymous said...
The posting from 9:12 AM needs to read the following book to learn who the real power is that runs this country and it is NOT you and I.

Shadows of Power by James Perloff

James Perloff exposes the subversive roots and global designs of the Council on Foreign Relations. Passed off as a think-tank, this group is the "power behind the throne," with hundreds of top-appointed government officials drawn from its ranks. Traces activity from the Wilson to Reagan administrations.

December 27, 2009 9:19 AM
Anonymous said...
"gutless crapweasels"

LOL I love it!

December 27, 2009 9:22 AM
Kelly Thomas said...
This is a great post that sums up the fears I have had for years - and that's why i left the US. I realize that not everyone has the ability to d so, and running away isn't solving any real issues.

One commenter wrote, "Who's talking about violent revolution?"

Lots of people. Every pacifist friend of mine now has a gun (or many guns) and lots of ammo. They have seeds. They have maps, water purification tablets and books on creating alternative currencies and bartering systems.

You mentioned that we need a plan. Some of us have plans, but given the political climate in the US right now, mum's the word. My fear is that the average American a fool and will fall at the knees of some NWO Hollywood actor when TSHTF. . If it came down to it, Americans would pick the Terminator over someone like Michael Rivero because they have been brainwashed that only celebrities can save them. In the end, the ones without a plan will gladly go to the FEMA camps because government will take care of them. That might be a huge benefit to the rest of us.

December 27, 2009 9:22 AM
Anonymous said...
My family brought me here after the war in Europe because it was a wonderful country. full of opportunity. One of my first memories was my mother showing me the Constitution and telling me that it was the very ethos of our new home. An ethos of inalienable rights, of decency, an ethos of government accountability. A government by and for the people. My "old" country was run by a king, and a corrupt group of oligarchs in a class based society. But not here, not in America. Here all men were equal and all men subject to the rule of law. I read this blessed Constitution over and over as a child. Such wise men, these founders to create this land of justice and opportunity. I've lived here over 50 years and I've never been more frightened. Frightened because I've seen this all before. I've seen what happens when good people don't speak out against injustice. I've seen what happens when private banks seize control of a nations money supply. I've seen what happens as "free" societies are systematically shut down. I've seen what happens as the wealth of the middle class is shifted to the ruling elites. I'm the guy who pays his taxes. I'm the guy who gives up his seat on the bus to the elderly lady. I'm the guy who watches the time so he won't run out his parking meter. For the first time in my life I'm terrified that soon I will have to make a decision to either move back to the old country or stay and fight for this blessed document the Constitution. For the first time in my life a violent revolution is possible, perhaps unavoidable. JFK's words keep ringing in my ears "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable". It is so clear to me that this whole rotten system has become so corrupt that it must be purged or we, as a nation cannot survive.

December 27, 2009 9:34 AM
William Castle said...
In case you haven't noticed, the guilty verdict in the "Neo-Nazi" Bill White case just established the "Shut up or go to jail" precedent. The First Amendment is now dead. But for my money, the United States has been gone ever since the Supreme Court let George Bush have the presidency. The people alive now who were born before 1964 were the last generation of real Americans. We are the only ones that know all that we have lost as a nation of free people.

December 27, 2009 9:45 AM